Jan Middleton

      Author, Storyteller,

 Amateur Photographer

Born in Southampton Ontario, the second youngest child in a family of eight, with additions to the number of siblings through marriage and other relationships, and someone who always felt they didn't quite fit in with the rest of the crowd; I learned early on that the written word was an escape. Whether reading a book or putting my own thoughts on paper, I often turned to writing as a refuge from a tumultuous childhood and, in doing so, discovered it was a way to belong.

Never at a loss for different and exciting stories, not wonderful adventure type of exciting but "are you kidding me?" kind of exciting; I started writing things down and sharing these experiences with friends and co-workers.

After being given a brochure for a weekend memoir writing class, I knew it was time to start following my life-long dream and put pen to paper once again. This two-day course became a continual exploration of writing styles and techniques, meditation, Reiki, spirituality and a discovery and acceptance into the world of the author.

Using my own writing to help heal and make my way through my own difficult times, I decided it was time to share what I have learned, and continue to learn, with others. Through various writing techniques, I hope to help others heal and move past what is holding them back in their lives. To help them discover not what they think is at the root of their inability to move forward, but what lies even deeper than their surface understandings. To help them share their stories and pass them on to the next generation, and to take them outside of their own writing thoughts and into areas they may not have explored before.

Only by facing our past, can we truly discover our future.