Those of us of a certain age, which shall not be mentioned, know of Yogi Berra and his quotes, or misquotes as it were. They generally brought a smile to our face as we realized the wisdom he was really trying to impart.

I've been told I have a very positive outlook on life; past, present and future. To me, it's just who I am and how I see things. It's not positive, it's not negative, it just is. 

​These are just a few quotes, or Janisms, as I like to call them, that I've said to people in recent years and I thought I'd share with you. They may make you laugh, maybe not. They may make you think, maybe not. But here they are nonetheless.

By the way, MJM for those who may not know, is me - Merri Janette Middleton - my full legal name and one I find I use more all of the time. The story on how I got that name, and why I've always gone by Jan, will be one of the pieces on my blog at some point.

​Be comfortable enough in your own world to expand into the world of others and

find that which you seek. MJM


Every cloud really does have a silver lining, you just have to be brave enough step out from behind the umbrella, and risk getting a bit wet, to find it. MJM

I never get lost. I simply find new routes to where I am going, or new places to be. MJM