This class will be offered in the Spring of 2016

In this day of electronic media and instant gratification, we are slowly losing the art of storytelling; of passing our history down through the sharing of memories with our families.  This class will work to help you recall those memories and tales to pass on; to rattle the skeletons in the closet as you choose to, or simply let loose a few clowns. 

Weekly sessions will provide you with prompts, tips, tricks and incentives to search in your memory, and those of others you may want to assist in the telling of your story, and bring those memories to life. You'll write your story, in your words, with your own touch added to each line.

From your earliest childhood images, to events of recent days, they all come together to create

your story and the story you want to pass on to your family. Whether you had an idyllic childhood

with the most amazing memories possible, or something less wonderful; these are all stories and

experiences that made you who you are and that helped shape your family history. Together we'll

work at bringing those stories out and putting them in a format you will enjoy sharing with your


                                     Writing down your memories to pass on your story. 

Sharing your life story

Telling your story as you remember it